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Finding Fluffy Joy: Unveiling the Best Jellycat Shops in Singapore


We think Jellycat makes the best plush toys and we’re almost sure that most of our buddies believe the same. Even though they were established recently in 1999, the excellent quality it delivers makes its business seem like it is established. The softer revolution of embodying Jellycat plush toys in the middle of Singapore media malls is currently happening. Jellycat Singapore has gained such popularity and has sunk into the hearts of the young and the old. Sometimes these shy animals just seem so special, a lot of the children we know share a common bond with them. They are soft and kawaii. Two brothers, William and could be instead written as: “Two brothers, William and Thomas Gatacre founded Jellycat in 1999.” Their endeavor aimed to come up with plush toys that combined the attributes of cuteness and loveliness with quality materials. They started with a very small production but the brand name became a well-known one very soon. Next, they spared none of their time to offer different categories of plush toys, books, and other related items. “Bashful Bunny ” is a cuddly toy with large ears and a meek look. It was the first Jellycat toy to be created. The firm, in no time, intermittently came up with a troop of animals whose characters were quite distinct. Immediately following this success, it became a blockbuster. Jellycat has a diverse range of plush toys-Becky bears, kitties, pups, and bunnies to name a few. There comes the additional fact of releasing a new design every other day and thus, there is something unique and new to look at.


Let’s find the best Jellycat retailers in Singapore. Come down this path with me and see where the Jelly Cat rules the palace of Blossoms!

  • Lovingly Signed:

Lovingly Signed is the number one store for Jellycat products in Singapore. Efficiency has been their strong suit and the main reason why the Jellycat Singapore store is so famous for its impeccable styles and insistence on quality. Its range starts from Jellycat Bunny, Jellycat Bear, Jellycat Panda, Jellycat Elephant, and a lot of others. For every single one of these toys, this is a statement of the brand’s promise to make plush delights. Not only will this store amaze its customers with the fact that they can personalize their Jellyact toys with the names or initials of their loved ones, but the customers also benefit from the array of options.

  • Playhao:

Playhao is a toy addict’s ultimate dream and a nest to be cherished by Jellycat on its shelves. It is a trip that tickles your funny bone and entices you to explore its well-curated collection of Jellycat stuffed toys. Their bunny-shaped product every time provokes a feeling of amazement and joy.

  • Naiise:

Naiise displays beautiful items that will drive you to buy. Jellycat plush toys are one of the arsenals. They were carefully selected to give the store a charming element to its disparate merchandise. Sample the unexpected and give Jellycat’s juicy squeeze a go at this fantastic store.

  • HipVan:

HipVan provides you with a homey feeling when you shop and select a variety of Jellycat soft toys from the home. Its loyal fans can choose among the cutest cuddly companions that are available through the online platform. They have quite a lot of Jellycat plush toys for you to choose from.

  • Mothercare:

Mothercare is one of the brands people trust when it comes to baby supplies. It is now an outlet for the Tassim brand at its Singaporean outlets. Mothercare presents a collection of Jellycat friends, thoughtfully picked and in tune needs of children and parents. It gives a motherly embrace to the ride through parenthood.

  • Fox & Fawn:

Fox & Fawn caters to a very exclusive group of snobs and is positioned on the streets of Singapore. Jellycat plush animals, a wonderful choice of rosy goods, are sure to bring soothing and joyful shopping sessions for soft toy enthusiasts of all ages.

  • Robinsons:

Jellycat is a new captive to Robinsons’ menu. This is one of the stores whose quality and variety is well known. The line serves its customers the opportunity to browse and buy Jellycat soft toys that are part of its collection that have a fairytale character and that bring the fun.


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The unique selling proposition of Jellycat Singapore plush toys is creating a distinctive design better than its competitors. Each of the Jellycat’s toys has a unique personality that makes the toy expressive and charming. It is all about quality materials while simultaneously making every toy as comfortable as possible by using soft and plush textiles. Lovingly Signed made PVC-free items from high-quality. One of the main points through which they catch parents is the personalization of learning. Shop your favorite Jellycat toys from Lovingly Signed!



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